The project Exchanging volunteering experiences (EVE) is a Youth in Action multilateral youth exchange that aims to get together 6 European volunteering organizations and their volunteers to share their volunteering experiences and discuss the best way to match mission, resources, projecting and activities on local background. The participants will share 11 days together, in which they will also have the possibility to look at the voluntary work from different angles, to appreciate all its social benefits and values: immigration, environment, human rights, art and theatre, volunteering jobs. View the agenda.

The project also focus on the figures of the young volunteer and migrant volunteer. Especially about his professional skills, the European and local Volunteer Service as active citizenship experience and finally a project writing training to improve his professional profile and enforce the future collaboration among the organizations.

Half of the participants are disadvantaged individuals, coming from first and second migrants generation that will also have the possibility to exchange views with “advantaged” peers. Some of them are also volunteers which work with them. They will be fully immersed in the Bologna context of immigration and voluntary work, through supporting organizations who work daily in the social inclusion and meeting social workers.

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